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Professional Tax Help for Boston and Suffolk County Taxpayers

Are you a Boston or Suffolk County taxpayer victimized by tax debt?

Is the IRS targeting your assets or wages?

Do you need help resolving tax problems with your business?

For any IRS or state related tax debt problem, it's vital to pursue professional tax help from a trusted Boston tax resolution firm that can get results. Pure Tax Resolution provides expert tax relief solutions for Boston individuals and businesses struggling with back taxes, penalties, audits, wage garnishments or collections, and business tax problems. We are available to have a conversation with you today to help you better understand your tax dilemma, and construct a viable plan to get the tax help you need.

Pure Tax Resolution was established in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, a veteran of the tax resolution industry of over 15 years. Our firm is comprised of seasoned and experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, and accounting professionals that represent our Boston clients with the IRS or state to negotiate the best possible tax settlement.  Every member of our staff are direct employees of Pure Tax, and abide by our strict policy of delivering proven tax help strategies with superior customer service.  We invite you to contact our office today for a free consultation, you will speak directly with Tim Halcomb and he will discuss your options for resolving your tax problems, and preventing them moving forward.


Our Tax Help Services

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Back tax debt, whether IRS or state, is the most common tax problem for local residents, and taxpayers across the country. Back taxes are a very serious problem, as they not only hang a very heavy burden over a taxpayer's life, but the tax debt can (and will) evolve into much more serious issues the longer it goes unsettled.  It's important to know that there are numerous back tax forgiveness options available for Boston individuals or businesses facing back tax debt, but they can only be achieved by the expert representation of a licensed tax attorney. Our team of licensed tax professionals have helped hundreds of New England taxpayers secure an affordable and convenient back tax forgiveness plan that will settle their back taxes and keep their assets/wages safe.

Licensed Tax Attorney Representation 

For any complicated tax debt problem, retaining the service of a licensed IRS tax attorney is the best way to ensure your tax problem is settled properly, and efficiently.  Our team of skilled and experienced tax attorneys are experts at representing our Boston clients to negotiate the best possible tax settlement, and they do so by having the power to negotiate, and communicate with the highest IRS officials, privileges a CPA or Accountant simply do not possess.  If you are a Boston taxpayer in need of licensed tax help to properly resolve your tax debt issues, don't leave your welfare in the hands of an amateur, our tax attorneys are a trusted resource, and can help you today.

Tax Penalty Abatement 

Tax penalties, the ugly sidekick to back tax debt, will continue to grow as your tax deliquency remains unsettled.  In many cases, tax penalties and interest that accompany your back taxes can be reduced or even eliminated if you have a licensed tax professional negotiate a tax settlement for you. However, time is of the essence, and our team of tax penalty abatement professionals in the Boston area can help you pursue an ideal penalty abatement strategy as early as today.

Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

As your tax problems linger without seeking professional tax help, the potential for being targeted for an IRS wage garnishment, levy, or lien, increase by the second.  All too many Boston taxpayers get blindsided by an IRS collection, where it could of easily been avoided by taking a proactive approach and pursue professional wage garnishment relief by a licensed tax attorney.  Through our extensive experience helping Boston taxpayers protect their assets, we can contact the IRS today on your behalf to pursue a plan to stop, and avoid any IRS collection you may be facing.

IRS Audit Representation & Defense

IRS audits are another problem that blindside Boston individuals and businesses, and can create a great deal of stress regardless of the severity of the audit. Beware, not all audits are  identical, or carry the same potential consequences. Many are relatively harmless, where the IRS or state requests a few bits of information through the mail. And of-course, some are very serious, where the IRS or state may suspect fraud or purposeful evasion that can lead to very serious penalties and jail time. Either way, it's crucial to have an audit representation professional on your side to represent your best interests, settle the audit, and avoid them moving forward.

Business Tax Help & Consulting

Our firm specializes in comprehensive business tax help and consulting for Boston area business owners, with an overall goal in achieving growth and maintaing tax compliance. From payroll tax debt relief for payroll problems, to full-service bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll solutions, our team of licensed tax attorney and CPAs will construct a plan to keep your business free of tax problems, and compliant.

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When you contact our office, we will help you gain a better understanding of your tax problem, and the viable options for tax help that will relieve your tax debt burden once and for all.  We offer free consultations, up-front pricing, and 24 hour communication for our Boston clients. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, and get proven tax help right now.


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