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IRS Penalty Abatement  - Boston, MA

IRS penalty abatement Boston

For some people, tax time can be a financial and emotional roller coaster. One year they'll get a nice, fat refund check—and the next year they'll owe the IRS a bundle. If you end up being stuck with IRS back taxes, you are also facing IRS tax penalties with the delinquent tax debt. Not only does the IRS impose late fees and interest charges on taxpayers who file or pay their taxes late, but the penalties get more severe as time goes on. Unless you act immediately and pursue IRS tax penalty abatement and settlement services, your unpaid federal taxes could result in wage garnishment, property liens, or bank account levies. The IRS has the authority to take money from your paycheck or bank account to get the tax money it believes you owe the federal government. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your assets and get these government actions against you lifted. For information about IRS penalty abatement, tax settlements, and IRS forgiveness, the tax penalty settlement experts at Boston Pure Tax Resolution is just a call or click away. Our team of proven IRS penalty abatement experts including tax attorneys and enrolled agents can settle, abate, and prevent nagging tax penalties that can put you or your business in serious hardship.

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Through Boston Pure Tax Resolution, you can obtain the services of an experienced tax consultant that specializes in IRS penalty abatement and settlement for Boston taxpayers. Depending on your tax penalty circumstances, you may be eligible for what's called an "offer in compromise." If your current tax debt is more than the IRS can expect to collect from you within a reasonable period of time, they may be amenable to reaching a tax settlement agreement with you. To properly prepare and submit a credible offer of compromise to the IRS, it's usually necessary to have the help of a CPA or enrolled agent who's experienced in tax penalty settlements and tax debt reduction procedures. They're not only in a position to help you pursue an IRS taxes settlement, but they can also negotiate a easy-to-handle payment installment plan on your behalf.



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