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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions - Boston, MA


Our team of licensed tax attorneys and consultants help Boston area taxpayers secure convenient IRS back tax forgiveness solutions to properly settle back tax debt

When you owe the IRS back taxes, unless you have the means to pay them off in a lump sum, it's extremely difficult to settle them on your own. Without consulting a professional to secure an IRS back tax forgiveness plan for you, unpaid taxes have a way of creating more and more new problems—ranging from exorbitant late fees and steep interest charges to wage garnishment and property seizure. To settle your back taxes promptly and properly, and even secure a reduction of your back tax debt, it's crucial to consult local IRS back tax help from a trusted tax resolution firm that gets results. Here in the Boston area, Boston Pure Tax Resolution has a top-notch team of licensed CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents—all of whom are experts at representing our Boston area clients and securing a convenient and affordable back tax forgiveness program suited to their needs. Whether you're self employed, a small business owner, or a salaried professional in the Boston area, contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable back tax forgiveness specialists. We have the expertise you need to sort out back taxes and achieve an appropriate back tax forgiveness program to reduce and settle your debt for good.

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs Available For You

If your tax return is already late, you're undoubtedly hearing from the IRS on a regular basis. Although your unpaid taxes may be the result of an inability to pay them, the IRS is not going to offer you an easy payment plan or a tax debt reduction agreement. While those options may be available, you have to apply for them, and you generally need the help of a licensed tax consultant to negotiate the ideal payment plan. Until then, the IRS is going to just keep demanding payment in full—with late fees, interest charges, and other penalties tacked on. 

IRS Installment Plan

Our tax consultants can negotiate an IRS back taxes payment plan for you that will make it possible to settle your IRS tax debt without incurring financial hardship. You will have the luxury of paying off your back tax debt over monthly installments, while not having to worry about harassments or your assets/wages being compromised.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

Does your tax debt to the IRS exceed your ability to pay? If so, you may be eligible for an option called an "OIC." By having one of our licensed tax consultants submit a professionally prepared offer in compromise to the IRS, your chance of getting approved for this type of back tax forgiveness is greatly increased. An approved OIC will allow you to settle your entire tax debt with the IRS for a lower amount than you currently owe. If an offer in compromise is not an option, other tax relief options may also be available to you. Find out how our team of IRS back tax experts can help you resolve your problems with back taxes.

Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

For Boston area taxpayers that have substantial back tax debt and suffering from financial hardship, a "CNC" determination is a viable option.  If you can prove to the IRS you are financially unable to pay off your tax debt and maintain a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family, they may completely suspend or remove your back tax obligation.  As this is a very desirable forgiveness option for back taxes, it takes the expert representation and presentation from our licensed tax specialists to secure this option.  Contact us today to see if is a viable solution for you.


Learn More About IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Options Available For You

Boston area taxpayers stressing over back taxes should know there is a professional and reliable solution to resolve their tax debt and regain their financial freedom.  With one call to Boston Pure Tax, you will be connected to our team of licensed tax resolution specialists that will discuss your options for IRS back tax forgiveness, and get the ball rolling to secure a resolution as soon as possible. Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free personal consultation at your convenience.

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