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Our team of certifed tax resolution specialists and tax attorneys work with Norfolk County taxpayers to properly resolve their tax debt problems

At Pure Tax Resolution, we put our customer-driven and effective tax resolution services to work, to help local individuals and businesses rid themselves from the burden of IRS back taxes, penalties, wage garnishments, levies, business tax problems, and any other tax problem that impacts Norfolk County taxpayers.

The President of Pure Tax Resolution, Tim Halcomb, works directly with each client to ensure their unique tax problems are handled with professionalism and confidentiality, until an ideal tax settlement is reached.



Our Tax Resolution Services

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions

If you are a Brookline or Norfolk County taxpayer victimized by back taxes, our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents will work with you to secure an affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will reduce and eliminate your back tax debt.

Tax Attorney Representation

Every tax resolution case we handle in the Brookline area has the direct attention of our team of licensed tax attorneys that provide expert IRS representation and negotiation for our clients until their tax problems are eliminated.

Tax Penalty Abatement

In addition to reducing and settling back tax debt, we can implement a tax penalty abatement plan to settle and prevent tax debt penalties and interest.

IRS Audit Representation

Are you facing an audit for your personal or business tax returns?  No matter the nature of your audit, having professional IRS audit representation on your side can be the difference between avoiding tax problems, or facing serious penalties that can compromise your personal or professional well-being.

Relief for Wage Garnishments, Levys, and IRS Seizures

If you are Brookline or Norfolk County taxpayer with prolonged tax debt, it's very likely you are currently being victimized by an IRS collection against your assets and wages, or are in the cross-hairs of the IRS for a collection. Either way, there's no better time than now to pursue professional wage garnishment or levy help by a licensed tax professional. Our team of expert tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs can contact the IRS on your behalf today to stop the collections, and implement a viable plan to settle your tax debt.

Business Tax Help and Payroll Tax Relief

If you are a local business owner of Norfolk County experiencing payroll tax problems, or business tax issues of any kind, we have a professional team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and accounting experts that can provide payroll tax debt relief, settle any other existing business tax problems, and keep your business healthy and compliant.

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We have over 15 years experience working with taxpayers throughout the local area, including Boston, Cambridge, Newton and any other Norfolk County community to provide honest and professional tax help.  Pure Tax Resolution is family-owned and will never farm out your tax case, our in-house team of licensed Tax Attorneys, Accountants, and Enrolled Agents work with you every step of the way, and will work diligently on your behalf until your tax problems are settled for good! Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free consultation.



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