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Tim Halcomb

Boston Pure Tax Resolution was founded to provide Boston, MA taxpayers with effective tax resolution services with top-notch customer service. As President of Boston Pure Tax, I personally guarantee you will get the tax help you need to properly resolve yours tax debt problems. Our professional staff of IRS tax attorneys, CPAs, and Accountants are devoted to providing results with top notch customer service. Our team will negotiate with the IRS and/or State of Massachusetts on your behalf, to settle your tax dilemma for good. Call us today at (617) 612-5772 to get a FREE consultation, and expect nothing but a positive experience."

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Boston Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Our in-house team of licensed CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents will negotiate with the IRS to secure a viable IRS back tax forgiveness plan for you.

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Tax Attorney Representation

Our IRS tax attorneys are available 24/7 for our clients to provide expert representation to properly settle complicated tax problems of any kind.

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IRS Collections Relief

Contact us today to get connected with our team of Boston tax lawyers that will negotiate with the IRS and stop wage garnishment, usually within 24 hours.

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Business Tax Help & Consulting

Professional, proven business tax help & consulting for Boston business owners, including payroll tax debt relief or any other business tax complication.

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Boston Pure Tax Resolution

Are you a Boston taxpayer struggling with tax debt problems?

Do you need expert tax help by a licensed tax attorney?

Are you a local business owner struggling with payroll tax debt?

If so, there are a variety of effective tax help solutions available that can resolve your tax problems and get your personal and professional life back on track. If you are a Boston-area individual or business owner struggling with tax debt problems, Boston Pure Tax and our team of IRS tax attorneys have an effective solution for you. With the help of a licensed tax attorney, you can obtain a viable tax settlement that will eliminate the burden of your tax debt and ease the stress of having to deal with the IRS or State of Mass. You'll not only gain access to tax help available 7 days a week, but you'll equip yourself with the tax resolution power of a licensed IRS tax attorney—one who is authorized to negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf. Whether your tax problems stem from State or IRS back taxes, tax penalties, audits, IRS collections, or facing payroll tax debt with your business, our in-house team of CPAs, enrolled agents, and licensed tax relief attorneys can provide you with the tax relief solution that will turn the tide on your tax difficulties. There's no need for Bean town taxpayers to panic! Our dedicated tax resolution specialists can provide the expert tax help you need, today!


Our experienced team of licensed tax resolution professionals, including ABA certified tax attorneys and CPAs can secure any number of proven and effective tax help strategies to settle your tax problems for good

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions

If you are a Boston area taxpayers struggling with back taxes, you are eligible for an affordable IRS back tax forgiveness program. Our team of IRS tax attorneys will represent your best interests with the IRS or State to secure an affordable back tax relief plan suited for your lifestyle.


Licensed Tax Attorneys Specializing IRS Tax Law

Having an experienced IRS tax attorney on your side is vital to assure your tax problems are settled effectively, and efficiently. Our team of licensed tax attorneys have helped hundreds of New England individuals and businesses settle, reduce, and avoid tax debt.


Stop Wage Garnishment & IRS Collections

For Boston taxpayers facing a State or IRS collection, action must be taken immediately to protect your assets and wages.  Our team of IRS tax attorneys and enrolled agents will contact the State or IRS immediately to implement a plan to stop wage garnishments, levies, or liens, and construct a viable plan to settle your tax debt.


IRS Audit Representation

With the professional representation of a licensed tax audit lawyer, your chances of properly navigating and avoiding an IRS audit dramatically increase.  Our team of licensed tax resolution professionals help Boston individuals and businesses properly settle and prevent IRS audits.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

To reduce and/or settle stressful tax penalties, our team of licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents can pursue an effective tax penalty abatement plan.


Payroll Tax Debt Relief and Business Tax Help

We offer a comprehensive suite of business tax help and consulting solutions for Boston area businesses, including payroll tax debt relief, worker classification resolution, and much more.  See how our expert business tax help specialties can keep your business compliant and healthy.


Learn More About Our Comprehensive Tax Resolution Services in Boston, MA

The only way to effectively resolve IRS debt is by consulting the tax help of a professional tax attorney firm in Boston. Only those professionals have the credentials and tax background to effectively negotiate tax settlements, installment agreements, and penalty abatement with the IRS. To arrange a consultation with our internal team of tax resolution specialists, call or e-mail Boston Pure Tax Resolution today. With over 15 years of experience with helping folks in Boston and New England get the tax debt relief they need, we're a tax resolution firm you can rely on. Contact us now for a free consultation, and expect nothing but a positive experience!


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